Dublin’s lovers bridge

4 Oct

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Time goes fast

25 Sep

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Washed up in Walthomstow

12 Sep

My very talented former Arts Institute buddy Jai and his very talented friends put on an exhibition of prints paintings, illustrations and jewellery at the Waldon studios out in Walthomstow. Here are a few snaps of the great things that were on offer.

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Sophie Beale Millinery

29 Jul

Sophie Beale – the newest name in the world of millinery (but as I met her in Art college I knew her name for a lot longer, but back then she was always just super-pretty-sophie ). She creates vibrant and captivating headpieces with a wistful delicacy. Here are some snaps of her work at the house of Hats exhibition from last year.Sophiebeale_1Sophiebeale_3 Sophiebeale_4 Sophiebeale_5sophie_logopaisleydaisy.co.uk/

A ‘Touch Wood’ Collection

22 Jul

Last summer Somerset House put on an exhibition of the very best in Jewellery design. In amongst all of the beautiful bling, in a coveted up and coming talent spot was the very talented Miss Diane Turner showing off her latest range the ‘Touch Wood’ Collection.diane_1 diane_2 diane_3 diane_4 diane_5diane_logodianeturnerjewellery.com

In the office

9 Jul

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Rain rooms

13 Jun

Only in England would people be prepared to queue to stand in the rain. The irony of this is enormous. But many of us did, all queue to get in to the immersive art experience at the Barbican last winter. Possibly it was the queue (a mere 1hr 40 mins) or maybe I needed to have shared the experience with a friend. But I was slightly ‘meh’. Here are the pictures to prove I went.Rain_1 Rain_6 Rain_5 Rain_4 Rain_3 Rain_2barbicanlogobarbican.org.uk/